KIC is pleased to announce that medallions obtained by the Islip Town Environmental Council will now be affixed to all storm drains that access the Great South Bay. The attractive blue and silver medallions replace the original Storm Drain Stenciling Project implemented by KIC in 1991 to heighten public awareness about reducing contamination of surface and ground waters. Under that project with stencils provided by the New York State Sea Grant Extension Program at Cornell, KIC volunteers identified storm drains which flow into our drinking water or directly into the Great South Bay.

The KIC initiated project has now moved to the next level with medallions permanently affixed to storm drains, eliminating the need to reapply the stencils. Like the original stencils, the medallions alert people that toxins and contaminants carelessly dumped into these drains will end up in our water.


FACT: Used motor oil from a single oil change can contaminate a million gallons of fresh water!

FACT: One pint of oil deposited in calm water can cause an oil slick the size of two football fields!

FACT: Storm water runoff from urban areas can be contaminated with sediment, oxygen-demanding substance, pathogens, petroleum products and a number of other toxic substances!

FACT: Wastes entering storm drains include motor oil, anti-freeze, paint, pesticides and other chemical substances that are disposed of incorrectly!

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