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Every September, KIC sponsored groups participate in the American Littoral Society/Ocean Conservancy Annual International Coastal Cleanup. KIC is very proud of these groups for their efforts and dedication to the preservation of our coastlines and waterways.

Last year, 19 KIC volunteer groups, with a total of over 200 volunteers, cleaned 17 coastal sites throughout Islip Township collecting over 2,000 pounds of litter and debris. The top three items found in our wetlands were cigarette butts (far to many to count!), caps/lids and food wrappers/containers.

The objective of this global effort is to remove and catalog litter and debris from our waterways. Determining WHAT is found WHERE, helps the Ocean Conservancy track pollution trends in an effort to devise solutions to the problem of pollution in our environment.

KIC provides volunteers with bags, gloves, and safety equipment where appropriate and also distributes all data collection materials and instructions from the ALS, so that volunteers may gather accurate information. This is a very important event here on Long Island, where the health and beauty of our waterways and coastline beaches are endangered by litter and other pollution.

For more information on how you can be part of this very important environmental event, please contact us at 631-224-2627 or click here for an International Coastal Cleanup Registration Form.

KIC would like to commend Senator Phil Boyle and his staff for annually sponsoring a cleanup event at Robert Moses State Park.