Project Bloom "blossomed" in 1993 as a cooperative effort between the Town of Islip, Cornell Cooperative Extension and Keep Islip Clean.

The result is a wonderful program whereby Master Gardeners from Cornell run the Town of Islip greenhouse in East Islip, providing an array of lessons on gardening to local residents. The fruits of these lessons and the labor by the students and instructors provide KIC volunteers with plants to help beautify our various sites throughout Islip Township.

Please contact KIC today to find out how you can
- Receive plants to beautify your KIC site
- Donate perennial plant materials for division/multiplication
- Help work in the green house

Volunteers should contact the KIC office in early April to in order to receive their plants in May.

Organic Community Vegetable Garden. Plots now available at no charge to Town of Islip residents. Gardeners must make a commitment to keep their plot and the area surrounding it watered, weeded and otherwise well cared for. Click here for a Plot Agreement Form.

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