KIC has developed educational programs designed to encourage environmental stewardship. Our programs instill in our youth a "Pride in Place" and foster good citizenship.

Through these programs geared to grade school students, KIC teaches children what constitutes litter, how it ends up in our environment, the negative impact it has on our community and wildlife and what each of us can do to prevent and clean up our environment. KIC also educates children about the negative impact of graffiti and the importance of recycling.

A KIC Representative can speak to your student or youth group on these important topics.

For educators, KIC can also supply a KIC Curriculum which would cover Volunteerism, Litter Education, Graffiti, and Environmental Stewardship. Also available is the Waste In Place Curriculum which introduces students to litter and integrated sold waste management.

Contact KIC today for more information at 631-224-2627 or send us an e-mail.

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